What do you do?

Well, that depends on the client. Sometimes, it’s a small brochure and other times, it’s a big overhaul. In twenty years, I’ve worked on a lot of different projects and I’m always up for something new. I don’t claim to be a marketing or advertising guru (that’s a whole other ball of wax) but I can take your information and make it look great.

I also provide off-site support to agencies and marketing departments that have more projects than hands and require someone creative and reliable who can hit the ground running. I require a minimum of hand holding and play well with others. Plus, I never miss a deadline . . . seriously.

Logos, ads, tradeshow graphics, brochures, newsletters, event promotion, catalogs, Powerpoint, even some illustration . . . I could go on, or you could cruise on over to my portfolio and see what I do for yourself. Then call me and we’ll talk.